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Liberating Jesus

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Liberating Jesus began as a play, became a movie and is now this book.

It is a book about Jesus. Who was he really? What was his true mission upon this planet? What is the true meaning of his words? What happened during the crucifixion? What has happened to him since his death upon the cross? How is his teaching still relevant to the awakening of human consciousness?

What would Jesus say if he returned today?

In the play, Jesus reveals how his words have been misunderstood and misused, and he masterfully updates and clarifies his teaching. Sometimes forceful and direct, sometimes loving and compassionate, Jesus is insistent that Christians awaken to his true teaching, and that Jews fulfill their sacred covenant to God. What he shares offers guidance to Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and anyone else interested in true awakening. This book is also about the awakening of human consciousness. During the last fifty years, many people from the West have turned to the East, looking for answers. This book brings East and West together, and it brings Christianity, Judaism and Islam into alignment. The returned Jesus shows us a way out of separation and conflict and reveals the Oneness at the very heart of all paths and traditions. The message in this book is inspiring, enlightening and liberating. It will support you in your own awakening. It is not about bringing anyone to Jesus or to any religion. It is about each of us coming home to the truth of who we are.

Authors Note:
This book consists of 3 sections: Part 1 contains a detailed description of my awakening experiences; Part 2 includes the Script of the Play; and Part 3 contains a series of Questions & Answers. A word of caution: The content of this book is very provocative. I do not ask you to believe one word that I have written. Belief is a function of the mind. There is no truth in belief. But as you read through the pages, if you can relate to what I am saying and it seems true, then I invite you to trust that. If you are a Christian who adheres to traditional Christian beliefs, rituals and practices, you probably should not read beyond this point or watch the movie. I have no intention or desire to offend anyone.

ISBN: 978-1890580124
152 pages, Paperback

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