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The Keys To Awakening Online Course

The Keys to Awakening

A comprehensive online course that will guide you on the path of Awakening.

Learn how to integrate awakened consciousness into your everyday life and relationships.

As you become more present, you transcend your story. As you transcend your story, you transform your story in the most positive way.

Join Leonard Jacobson for The Keys to Awakening
where you will learn to

  • Become instantly present without effort or practice
  • Know and recognize the difference between Presence and being lost in the illusory world of the thinking mind
  • Identify all the obstacles that consistently pull you out of the present moment
  • Heal and release the past so you are more and more present
  • Come into right relationship with the ego, so that it is no longer involuntarily pulling you out of Presence
  • Come into right relationship with the inner child so can you come out of the child's story, and that child can relax and feel safe
  • Heal and release limiting beliefs from the past
  • Liberate the reservoirs of repressed emotions that you have been living with all of your life
  • Express yourself more fully and authentically
Become a True Master of the mind and ego

Open into deeper levels of Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Oneness
This course includes
Two Live Online Group Meetings with Leonard
"The Keys to Awakening"
- a comprehensive online course
in two parts

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