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Presence and True Spiritual Awakening Masterclass

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Presence and True Spiritual Awakening Masterclass with Leonard Jacobson

Our minds are rarely silent. We live with a constant stream of thought, most of which is unconscious and unintended.

To awaken, simply means to come out of the past and future world of the mind, into the truth and reality of the present moment.

Leonard Jacobson teaches a path of awakening that has been so refined over the years it's been reduced to two simple steps.

During this LIVE Masterclass, Leonard will share these two steps in detail. You will learn how to become instantly present, without effort or practice; and bring awareness to all the ways you are constantly pulled out of Presence.

Participation in this event will provide invaluable tools for you to deepen in Presence, heal the past and transform your life and relationships.

You will discover:

  • The qualities that arise when you are fully present, including love, acceptance, compassion, power, gratitude and Oneness
  • The simple key to being present
  • The specific triggers that pull you involuntarily out of Presence
  • The true test of Presence, so you know the difference between being present and lost in the world the thinking mind
  • The keys to freeing yourself from repressed emotions, limitations and judgments
  • A guided Presence meditation
Become a True Master of the mind and ego

Presence enhances every aspect of your life. It is immensely worthwhile.

This teaching is for both beginners and advanced seekers on the path of awakening, and for all those who want to overcome the pain and limitations of the past and open into a more loving and abundant world.

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